Computer Repair

Get repair services, only when you need it most.

Do you have a computer and/or server that needs to be repaired.

Don’t get tied up thinking about how you’re going to replace the computer and move all the files and programs over. We can diagnose/fix almost any computer on the market.

Knowledge Designs has successfully repaired the following electronics, however this is just a small list.:

  • Broken laptop screen(s)
  • Broken laptop keyboard(s)
  • Broken power cords and/or adapters
  • Bricked/Frozen Network devices
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • Bad Computer parts ( Hard-drives, Power-supplies, Motherboards,etc)
  • Our list goes on and on.

Contact us today to see if we would be able to fix your electronic device.

For any of our hourly IT support services, we:

  • Don’t charge for travel time
  • Guarantee rapid response rates
  • Guarantee our work – if it’s still not right, we’ll make it right!

Find out about our flexible pricing on hourly support services. We price by the project or by the hour, depending on your needs.